Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This natural hair thing...

Holla Amigos! lool. This post is going to be a rant plus seeking for advice. Everyone knows I chopped off all my relaxed hair August 2012 so its been a year and seven months since I joined "Team Natural"
Why did you go natural?
I was on my healthy relaxed hair journey but I wanted to try and see how my natural hair without a relaxer would look like.
Another reason is I loved some afro hairstyles and was hoping I could achieve them with my own hair.

Few days ago
 For the past 3 weeks I have had my hair out because my edges are beginning to thin out, which I think is due to excessive braiding.
All the time I have been spending with my natural hair has made me realize quite a few things that I want to share...I am getting tired of it. Here are my reasons.

Reason #1: Shrinkage - I know they say you are supposed to love this but I DON'T. Why should I be scared of putting water on my hair? seriously this shrinkage issue is like the only problem that is making me frustrated with the natural hair journey. Yes I know there are ways to stretch your hair but AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. I am a student and I wash my hair 1-2 times a week because I have danruff but by the time I am done my hair shrinks up to 80%.
Ladies we all know how our hair makes us feel extra beautiful, so it's annoying that after washing my hair I end up looking a boy that hasn't had a hair cut for weeks. Some mornings I just want to wash and go to school. No time to braid, twists or curl in order to stretch it.
It's been over a year so I should have some length to show off. In conclusion, I hate shrinkage because I am so over the low-cut hair style.
Immediately after washing. and it shrinks even more when its finally dry

Reason #2: The time it takes to style my hair- all those braid outs/twists out and bantu knots isn't magic, it takes time and effort. I also did finger coils on my hair earlier today...took hours!!!

Reason #3: Combing my hair- I don't have full/thick hair and my hair isn't that stubborn but  I dare not comb my hair while its dry. Water is a your best friend as a natural girl but we all know what happens when water is in my hair (shrinkage)

So those are my frustrations. To be honest #2 & #3 is no biggie for me cos I feel like they are normal and regular things that should be done like cooking, taking a bath, caring for your skin and all that jazz. My main and should I say only problem is shrinkage. I love my kinky hair cos it enables me to get my favorite hair style, which is the plain old Afro but I hate that I need to do a blow out to get that look.

Now that I have shared the bad, let me share the good and reasons why I love about my natural hair

Reason #1. It's unique: Living in Asia, there aren't many blacks as compared to other continents ( I could be wrong, I just assumed that..lool) but the uniqueness of my fro makes me happy to be African. I get compliments, lots of questions and lord, the stares..loool it's crazy. Also some people put their hands in my hair which I don't mind but only a few people do that cos you know never to touch my hair if you don't want trouble.
Someone once told me I reminded him of her because of my fro ;)
Reason #2. It's versatile: The most common question I get is "Did you change your hair again?" lool which is basically due to the way natural hair is versatile. Today it's in a small shrunken state, the next day I'm in school with a big Afro.

Reason #3. I represent: Now I know the kind of hair I have doesn't make me "more African" but we all know straight hair is mostly seen as the only good/pretty hair. Kinky hair is often viewed as ugly, unkempt, and unmanageable. I mentioned earlier that I get compliments but the truth is I have also gotten some not so nice comments like - "you look better with straight hair" "you look like you were electrocuted", "your hair  is standing" and bad stares...lool yes there are good and bad stares.
I have had to explain to a few of my classmates that this is how my hair grows out of my head.

Long story short, I am currently frustrated and tired of my natural hair. I don't want put a relaxer in it....yet, but I want to try something that would strectch my hair out. I have searched on blogs/youtube and my choices at the moment are treatments using natural ingredients (ex,Coconut milk) and henna.
If they don't work and I still can't accept and love my shrinkage, I might just try a texturizer or even go back to a relaxer. Just kidding or not. I think I'll get a a sew-in weave or a wig.

So that's it guys. Please comment with suggestions on things that can could work for my hair.
Thanks for reading and stopping by.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Lady with the Afro

Hi everyone! Some weeks ago after church I decided to buy something new because I haven't given myself a treat for quite some time now- life of a broke med student- so I went to the mall and got this beautiful dress. It fits like a glove and the design is simple. The color of the dress also made me fall in love with it. It might be looking white, its actually mint-green.

Unto my Hair : I did a blow out to get the big Afro look- which is the favorite style to rock my natural hair. "Puffs" are not for me guys because my face ends up looking like a pineapple...lool. My hair still isn't thick even without relaxer but its all good.

Found this picture of my beloved Zoe wearing the same color. Sisters think alike..lool

You can never take enough selfies
That's it guys. Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Macaroni in White sauce and others

Happy Sunday beautiful people! Achievement- I stayed off the internet for 5 days!!! Last week was full of exams and I decided to spend my time wisely cos I know how I waste a lot of time online. How many of you can do that? I mean completely staying off the internet, not even on your phone.
How was church today? I didn't go. It was rainy Sunday morning and this was how it went
Honestly though, public transport can be such a hassle especially when its raining so I decided to stay at home and I read my bible and prayed. Please take note that I don't always miss Sunday service when its raining, this morning was just.....

Anyway I am sharing pictures of the macaroni I made some weeks ago. Most of the Nigerian staple foods is made with tomato sauce but I got tired of it so I decided to try white sauce. You can click here for the directions I followed. You can also use whatever pasta you like. This is so quick and easy, I have made it twice again since then.

I made it a lot creamier the second and third time :D
Tried it with cheese but I prefer it without.
I also added some chili pepper. Anybody else likes their food hot? Food without pepper is just blah for me, pepper makes the food taste better. Fact about me: when I am going to a place where they don't like pepper I carry my own chilli pepper with me. It's that serious you guys. I'm not saying I always have to add pepper to all the food I eat but I need it at least once a day.

I made vegetable soup this weekend cause my awesome friend Debbie just sent me some Garri. #happygirl

Easy breakfast
Jollof rice for the week
Wanna share what you learned in church today with me?
Have a great week! *kisses*

Monday, March 10, 2014

Gabrielle Union Oscars 2014 Inspired Look

Hello beautiful people! How is everyone doing?
After seeing all the pictures of celebs last week, I particularly loved Gabrielle Union's hair and makeup (woman crush). I decided recreate it today and its pretty simple and easy. The focus is the lips, which is a burgundy color. My lipstick is Mac-Diva. I used a dark lipliner as a base to make the color darker. Adding eyelashes would be great too but i didn't.



I liked her updo!
 I did two strand twists with rollers the night before

I have also decided to leave my hair out for a while, depending on how things go this week. School is making me neglect and hair and its telling on my edges because it's beginning to thin (as you can see) which is probably because my hair has always been in braids since school started.

~Have a great week guys~
Jesus loves you!


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