Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lade Couture: The Spirited Collection

 Hello! I hope everyone is well? I have one week break from school so I decided it would be a good time to update the blog.
I did this shoot with my friend Lade and it was so much fun! Models are trying o, she taught me all the pose and it was really hard trying not to smile in the photos..lool
From the designer........
Lade Couture, the brain child of Nigerian Medical Student Toyin-Kehinde Toluwalade, is an African Inspired Label. Getting inspiration from Africa and Life, we thrive on producing clothings that asserts imaginative vision and impracticality thereby providing our customers a look that speaks daring and different.  
This is a collection of visual inspiration for the spirited person we all on some level strive to be. It expresses power, sophistication and also brings to light the goodness and perfection in well tailored apparel. At the end of it all, we deliver each piece an efficient communicator of "clean & crisp". With the loose tops, shorts, dresses & long skirts, this collection is suitable for a wide range of occasions. 
The inspiration for this collection is from the colors that are forever in style; Black and White. Black, being a color of power and strong will, creates an air of mystery and intrigue thereby granting protection from external stress while providing comfort. It speaks sophistication and sexiness. White radiates goodness and innocence, safety and perfection. What black covers, white uncovers.

Twitter/Instagram - @ladecouture 
For Order Enquiries please send email to
PHOTO CREDITS: Giffy Lagunero Instagram - @zowiii19

Makeup: Toyin-Kehinde Toluwalade
Shipping available to Nigeria, Malaysia and the US

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Before I leave

These pictures were taken last weekend and shout out to my beautiful friend Christabel for this pictures. Thanks honey.
For my hair I used perm rods and followed this tutorial by Toni of My natural sister.
     I got lots of compliments and I had to explain the process to a few people. Instead of all the long list of products she mentioned, I only used a alcohol free gel (xtreme). It's kinda like the ecostyler gel. I think setting lotion would do. Another thing is to make sure your hair is completely dry before removing the rods (I didn't, so the curls in the middle of my head didn't turn out good). Lastly after watching the tutorial I learned  how I have been using the perm rods on my hair the wrong way. Instead of just rolling your hair over and over, you should roll from one end to the other. Don't know if you understand but the way I used it this time I was able to get more "length" with my TWA. Ok enough story.
I should buy more bright colored pants
Ignore the camel toe, I was trying to make the pants high-waisted by force..lool.
My fav picture :D
My nose is so big and beautiful. LOL!
Look at my edges from Africa. I need a miracle to make it grow :(
I know this outfit would have looked much better with heels but I haven't been a big fan for some years now and I can't seem to find the right pair. Two different times I really wanted to buy those sandal zara type heels and I had the I wasn't just window shopping,lool but the problem is my toes don't align properly in front, seriously I don't like when my big toe is pointing out even if its just a little. My friends think I am crazy for that but yea that always happens.
I might be MIA on blogger but you can check me out on instagram and twitter at nikkisho_
Have a lovely weekend! xx

Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIY Maxi skirt

Hi Everyone. We have just a few weeks left till the end of our summer break and it has been a very mellow one for me.
I am too broke to go to a fancy resort or go on a beach trip but I have good company which has made the vacation a lot better - endless gists, food experiments in the kitchen and non stop laughs has made the break a memorable one. One thing I realized is broke and lonely don't go together because if that happens you start thinking and worrying too much till you lose your mind. I can't believe I am going to be starting 2nd year-Med this coming semester. We will be starting patient contact and I am really looking forward to that. :)

Anyway onto the koko of the post, I have had my eyes on the modern day iro and buba that is made with chiffon/silk material so I went fabric shopping and I found this beautiful print. On my way home I changed my mind and decided to make a maxi skirt instead. The skirt was hand-sewn and I followed this tutorial on youtube

No I didnt use whitenicious,  I was starting directly in front of a window so there was too much light on my face

Here I wore it as a dress. Excuse my oily face. I just got home and was so tired.
Which look do you like? 
Happy new month in advance :D

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This natural hair thing...

Holla Amigos! lool. This post is going to be a rant plus seeking for advice. Everyone knows I chopped off all my relaxed hair August 2012 so its been a year and seven months since I joined "Team Natural"
Why did you go natural?
I was on my healthy relaxed hair journey but I wanted to try and see how my natural hair without a relaxer would look like.
Another reason is I loved some afro hairstyles and was hoping I could achieve them with my own hair.

Few days ago
 For the past 3 weeks I have had my hair out because my edges are beginning to thin out, which I think is due to excessive braiding.
All the time I have been spending with my natural hair has made me realize quite a few things that I want to share...I am getting tired of it. Here are my reasons.

Reason #1: Shrinkage - I know they say you are supposed to love this but I DON'T. Why should I be scared of putting water on my hair? seriously this shrinkage issue is like the only problem that is making me frustrated with the natural hair journey. Yes I know there are ways to stretch your hair but AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. I am a student and I wash my hair 1-2 times a week because I have danruff but by the time I am done my hair shrinks up to 80%.
Ladies we all know how our hair makes us feel extra beautiful, so it's annoying that after washing my hair I end up looking a boy that hasn't had a hair cut for weeks. Some mornings I just want to wash and go to school. No time to braid, twists or curl in order to stretch it.
It's been over a year so I should have some length to show off. In conclusion, I hate shrinkage because I am so over the low-cut hair style.
Immediately after washing. and it shrinks even more when its finally dry

Reason #2: The time it takes to style my hair- all those braid outs/twists out and bantu knots isn't magic, it takes time and effort. I also did finger coils on my hair earlier today...took hours!!!

Reason #3: Combing my hair- I don't have full/thick hair and my hair isn't that stubborn but  I dare not comb my hair while its dry. Water is a your best friend as a natural girl but we all know what happens when water is in my hair (shrinkage)

So those are my frustrations. To be honest #2 & #3 is no biggie for me cos I feel like they are normal and regular things that should be done like cooking, taking a bath, caring for your skin and all that jazz. My main and should I say only problem is shrinkage. I love my kinky hair cos it enables me to get my favorite hair style, which is the plain old Afro but I hate that I need to do a blow out to get that look.

Now that I have shared the bad, let me share the good and reasons why I love about my natural hair

Reason #1. It's unique: Living in Asia, there aren't many blacks as compared to other continents ( I could be wrong, I just assumed that..lool) but the uniqueness of my fro makes me happy to be African. I get compliments, lots of questions and lord, the stares..loool it's crazy. Also some people put their hands in my hair which I don't mind but only a few people do that cos you know never to touch my hair if you don't want trouble.
Someone once told me I reminded him of her because of my fro ;)
Reason #2. It's versatile: The most common question I get is "Did you change your hair again?" lool which is basically due to the way natural hair is versatile. Today it's in a small shrunken state, the next day I'm in school with a big Afro.

Reason #3. I represent: Now I know the kind of hair I have doesn't make me "more African" but we all know straight hair is mostly seen as the only good/pretty hair. Kinky hair is often viewed as ugly, unkempt, and unmanageable. I mentioned earlier that I get compliments but the truth is I have also gotten some not so nice comments like - "you look better with straight hair" "you look like you were electrocuted", "your hair  is standing" and bad stares...lool yes there are good and bad stares.
I have had to explain to a few of my classmates that this is how my hair grows out of my head.

Long story short, I am currently frustrated and tired of my natural hair. I don't want put a relaxer in it....yet, but I want to try something that would strectch my hair out. I have searched on blogs/youtube and my choices at the moment are treatments using natural ingredients (ex,Coconut milk) and henna.
If they don't work and I still can't accept and love my shrinkage, I might just try a texturizer or even go back to a relaxer. Just kidding or not. I think I'll get a a sew-in weave or a wig.

So that's it guys. Please comment with suggestions on things that can could work for my hair.
Thanks for reading and stopping by.


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