Sunday, May 22, 2011

Short & Curly Hair

i usually always wear weaves/braids;something long/straight but since i started my hair journey i have decided to love my hair more and let it breath (not that i wont be braiding or having some sew-ins again sha o..hehe)so i tried something new.i used some flexi rods/bendy rollers on my hair and I LOVE IT!!! its like the setting we do in Nigeria and its been very long that i've this kind of short curly hair style,i washed my hair and when it was almost dry i applied some oil and setting lotion then rolled with the flexi rods.i did this overnight so i didnt have to use heat on my hair and the thing is made of foam like material so it wasnt hard to sleep with.anyways the curls turned out really good the next day and i got quite a few lovely compliments about it *flutters eyelashes* :D.i absolutely love this and would be doing it more should try it too :)
webcam random The night before :DReady to go out..
Random:what is/are your favorite song/s at the moment?
Mine changes a lot cos i tend to OVERUSE the replay button,so i get tired of the song and move to the all depends mostly on the beat and then lyrics..not into rap/rock,just a song that i can shake my head to or better still stand up and start dancing,i also like songs that i would feel happy to sing along to not the one i will be saying unnecessary cuss words.some naija songs don't disappoint in that aspect.oh and strictly no lady gaga..haha
top 6 for now
Love me 3x-Tiwa savage
obianuju-duncan mighty
Tonight i'm loving you-Enrique iglesias
Set fire to the rain and turning tables-Adele
i am-Kirk franklin
now tell me yours :D and Have a great week


  1. I love look so cute!

  2. i really love this short curly hair. It suits u perfectly, makes u look younger and more fiesty :)
    I also overuse the replay button so i tend to get tired of somgs easily. My favorite songs change like almost everyday,lol.

  3. the curly hair looks grreat on you and love the last picture

  4. Makes you look sweet sixteen, lol...

  5. Your hair looks good dear. My fav songs change like every second but it seems like i cant get enough of David Grey's Babylon.

  6. This is sooo pretty...especially with the bow! :D


  7. Thanks a lot everyone :D
    @myne i'm still sweet sixteen o..LOL Thank you :)

  8. wow u pulled it off real good, it suites u so so well

  9. Really pretty curls...loving it on ya

  10. i love your hair...curls rock. I tagged you in a post on my blog. Empty your bag lady!!!

  11. I love the short curl hair,very cute!

  12. From what i've seen so far,you really love your face...oh well,it's a beautiful face so it's ok to flaunt it.Meanwhile,it's ok to always hit the replay button mostly when it's for a very addictive song.

  13. Thanks for giving me an idea of what to do with my newly retouched hair. I am tired of using a tong on it. Your hair looks lovely!

  14. yep.... loves the lovely bendy rollers..

    Wore it on my hair for like a week.. and curls well sometimes comes perfect. lol


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